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“When we developed Docusaurus to make it easy to create great open source websites, localization was a primary support feature. Crowdin has made it easy for those websites to add translations, helping project owners provide a more global documentation reach. And the Crowdin support team is awesome!”

“When we evaluated localization options for the Electron project, Crowdin stood apart from the competition. It’s free for open source projects, it integrates well with GitHub, and has moderation controls for managing large translator communities. Crowdin’s support and engineering staff are also friendly and helpful.”

“Crowdin streamlined our translation process with a tight GitLab integration. By automatically presenting new strings to our community for translation, we’re able to save time and get our community engaged quickly. The integration also allows us to immediately present new translations in a new merge request when they get approved by our community proofreaders, helping us integrate new translations quickly. We’re big fans!”

“It’s the best translation tool for us to localize our user interface with a global community of volunteers. Both volunteers and in-house proofreaders can interact on the same platform, ask questions and exchange opinions about the best possible translation. Crowdin also makes it very easy for new translators to join our project to empower people to fix their stuff and save money while keeping electronics out of landfills.”

“I was super impressed by the Crowdin in-context localization feature – I didn’t even know that something like this would be possible, when I first started looking for TMS solutions for our company; but once I’d seen it, I knew that it was something that I definitely had to have.”

“We used the Crowdin as the Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) and Translation Management System (TMS) tool in a long-time and very challenging project of localization IIBA BABOK® Guide to the Russian language. This is the cloud-base web application which supports our world-wide distributed team during the 3 years. We had a chance to analyze other competitors’ tools and we can confirm, that Crowdin has everything for translation from User interface to Bodies of Knowledge. Great job! Thank you!”

Success stories

From start-ups to big companies everyone wants to reach new markets and grow their audience. With Crowdin your team can bring your product to any country, as we provide a technical solution to streamline all the time-consuming steps in localization.

“Localization tool have enabled us to build strong partnerships with organizations around the world, leading to a dramatic increase in international awareness and product usage.”

Natalie Rothfels

Translations Project Coordinator
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“One of the main benefits that Crowdin provides is to be able to control translator input — not only believe that they have translated smth, but actually see it.”

Katrīna Āboltiņa

Translation and Localization Manager
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“Crowdin clients sounded the most convincing because many of them had started using Crowdin after they have already tried other platforms”

Alexandra Nikolaeva

Localization Manager
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You’re in good company

“Crowdin made it easy for us to simply share a link to our project to enable fans from around the world to help us get our app working great in their native language. Because it was so simple for them to help, they really have.”

“Unlike other online tools, Crowdin had real potential for professional translators, not just hobbyists and volunteers”

“With the help of their translation management tool and Crowdin’s extremely responsive and helpful support team, we at Xactware have been able to save countless hours in processing times. All of our language specialists and translation partners are thrilled to be using a product that centralizes communication. We love it!

“We at HeroX value Crowdin for helping us handle translations quickly and effortlessly. We use Crowdin's API and our files are automatically synced and updated. Localization is one aspect of our business that does not require constant control. Thanks, Crowdin!”

“Ever since we at Visma started using Crowdin for our UI-text management, we have noticed that we save lots of time and enable our customers to gain benefit from new and updated functionality quicker and with better quality. We especially appreciate the In-context feature. We also appreciate the amazing support we get whenever needed. You guys are truly awesome!”

“When we were searching for new tool for our localization process, Crowdin was one of the candidates. Now, after months of using Crowdin, we can say it's a great choice! It has helped us to better connect with translators and to give them everything they need, including context, screenshots, and immediate answers to their questions. Additionally, the Crowdin support service is very professional and helpful. We're happy with Crowdin and can only recommend the tool!”

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