Нататкі да рэліза

September, 22

New Dark Theme available. Turn on Dark Theme by going to account settings > Appearance.

New CLI 3.8.1

New .NET API Client 2.9.1

September, 21

New YML file format improvements.

New Figma Plugin Version 42

September, 16

New Automatically download translations from DVCSs. More information about the update at the Github+Crowdin documentation as an example.

New Python API Client 1.4.0

New Android SDK 1.5.4

September, 15

New Shopify app update: More types of resources that are translatable.

September, 14

New CLI 3.8.0

September, 13

New Import of TM size up to 2 GB

September, 09

New Now, master strings in Editor have master labels.

September, 08

New Crowdin Translation Plugin for Drupal Update: We added Update Source Texts option, so you can instantly sync changes you've made to your source texts at Drupal with Crowdin.

New .NET API Client 2.9.0

New Java API Client 1.4.0, 1.4.1

September, 05

New JS API Client 1.19.1

New MDX files import improvements.

New Android Studio Plugin 1.6.0

New Python API Client 1.3.0

New Unity Plugin (0.2.0): Includes audio assets support.

September, 01

New Create new strings or edit the ones in the file right from the Editor. Available on every Editor view (Comfortable, Site-by-site, Multilingual).

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